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A Better Business Bureau accredited business

Serving entrepreneurs, inventors, and startups create and launch new products. Over two decades of experience building products and high quality working prototypes, we are commitTed to  quality, customer service and ethical practices.

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Prototype Power: Transforming Ideas into Reality 

Encapsulates the dynamic process of innovation. It begins with the spark of an idea, fueled by imagination and vision. Yet, it's the prototype that serves as the bridge between concept and tangibility. Through meticulous craftsmanship and iterative refinement, prototypes evolve, embodying the essence of creativity and problem-solving. Propelling innovations from the realm of imagination into the hands of reality, shaping the future one iteration at a time.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Revolutionize your innovation landscape, expediting the journey from concept to reality. By harnessing advanced tools like 3D printing, CNC machining, and virtual reality simulations, prototypers can swiftly iterate designs with precision and efficiency, minimizing time and resource expenditures. These technologies not only accelerate the development process but also enhance the quality and functionality of prototypes, enabling thorough testing and validation. Embracing the forefront of technological innovation empowers prototypers to push boundaries, iterate rapidly, and ultimately deliver groundbreaking solutions to market faster than ever before.

From Idea to Market

Do you have a product idea? We want to help you! We show you how it's done professionally, affordably and successfully! Don't make the HUGE financial mistakes! Don't fall for false promises and catchy strategies. Your goal should always be to develop and monetize a successful product, not to get stuck with prototype. That requires strategic planning, honest guidance and a team that cares and supports the importance of your idea,

We founded Prototype Solutions to help creators like you take impactful product ideas to market. With decades of experience, collaborating nationally and internationally with industry leaders and reliable manufacturing, using the best strategies and technologies to bring products to life successfully! 

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The possibilities are endless

 100% confidential and informative consultation

Amelia Vargas, NY

Incredible experience, From the firts contact to our product launch, they were there every step of the way. Their kindness and professionalism made all the difference. 10/10!
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