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With over four decades of combined experience, we specialize in cost-effective product development and

prototyping solutions. Our team of dedicated innovators, visionaries, and creative strategists

is passionate about bringing your ideas to life.

Rodrigo Otalora

CEO - Founder

Sr. Industrial Engineer 

Miriam Rodriguez

 Manufacturing Coordinator

Maria Otalora

Industrial Designer

Business Development

Johnathan Sharma

Sr. Industrial Designer

Mechanical Engineer

Julie Navarrete

Graphic Design

Marketing Specialist

Alex Gupta

Sr. Industrial Designer

Sofia Drakos

Product Development


We are a family-owned company with a rich legacy of values and unwavering commitment. We're not just a company – we're a close-knit family. For generations, our values have been the driving force behind everything we do, from our genuine commitment to excellence to the personal touch we bring to each interaction. We take pride in being the go-to professionals for start ups as well as international well known corporations.

Our mission. We are firm believers in the power of knowledge and its impact on success. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that this knowdlege partnered with simplicity and transparency are the cornerstones of efficient and effective solutions. Taking a product to market can be a costly daunting task, this is because it requires a wealth of knowledge and years of learning experience to do so.

Our journey began with the realization that countless brilliant ideas were being abandoned due to the cost and a lack of guidance and support. Many visionaries and dreamers leave their incredible ideas on the shelf, missing out on the opportunity to change their lives, impact others, and possibly even transform the world.

It is our mission to change that narrative. We believe that our work holds immense power, but we also recognize that your ideas do too. At Fox, we strive to bridge the gap between our knowledge and your ideas, empowering you to bring your visions to life using unique effective ways.

Drawing from our extensive experience in the industry, we have honed effective ways to pass on our knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs like you, offering invaluable insights and guidance that propel your ideas from conception to reality.

We believe that openness and honesty foster trust, enabling us to work together seamlessly. We keep things straightforward and clear, ensuring you understand every step of the journey towards making your dreams a tangible success. Our core values revolve around empowering you to achieve your goals. Your success is not only your victory but also a ripple effect that can positively impacts the lives of others and, potentially, the world itself.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking to optimize your market strategies or an enthusiastic newcomer with a game-changing idea, We are here to lend a helping hand. We help our clients navigate the intricacies of product development and market penetration together and unleashing the true potential of your ideas. 

What type of prototype do you need ? What do you need the prototype for? Who needs to see it?

Whether your idea is in your head, on a piece of paper or you've already built a prototype by hand, we're here to get you to the next step of prototyping something that is viable for investors and/or mass production.

3 types of physical prototypes

Appearance Prototype

  • Used to understand size, shape, ergonomics, and usability.

  • Made from dense foam, machined plastic, or 3D Printed with or without a painted finish.

  • Used for investor presentations, board meetings or crowdfunding campaigns.

Proof of Concept Prototype

  • Used to validate a mechanism before starting development.

  • Built with custom-designed parts and/or reusing a portion of an existing product.

  • Used to validate a high-risk portion of a design or may be used for an Investor demo.

Functional Prototype

  • Used to validate a completed design.

  • Custom parts, electronics and mechanisms are built, assembled, tested, and refined.

  • Used to validate a completed design before going into manufacturing.

Phase 1
  • Patent research
  • Product research

  • Concept development

  • Usability study

  • Product evaluation

Phase 2
  • Industrial design

  • 3D modeling

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Electrical engineering

  • Renderings

  • Prototyping

Phase 3
  • Product branding

  • Packaging design

  • Sourcing for manufacturing

  • Shipping & Logistics

  • Commercialization


We'll help you understand

-  Where to get started

-  How much it will cost

-  Patent options

-  About licensing and manufacturing

-  The process to make a prototype

-  The best ways to market your product

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